Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Missing pictures

So here is a picture of Brie and SLA cleaning my disgusting dirty kitchen cabinets for my Christmas present. Or anyway, it is where the picture would be if we had thought about taking one. We should have taken the before and after shots, but I'm not sure how we would have done that. They did remove every cabinet door, pull everything out of all the cabinets and drawers, scrub and throw away stuff, then line the cabinets and drawers, repaint and touch up what they could and put it all back together. It was quite a process, and took a lot longer than the day that they had planned. Anyway, as I don't have a picture. all I can do is let everyone know how great of a gift that was. Something that no one in their right mind will ever volunteer to do again. But then, I'm not sure anyone in our family is truly in their right mind...

Friday, February 01, 2008

Pictures from a day at the zoo and paint

A little bit of cheese

Here stingray, stingray....

How many girls can fit on one camel?

Nothing better than riding a tree

Lastly, a picture of leaner painting our room.