Thursday, March 22, 2007

Pic from the Desert

He'll probably shoot me, but here is a picture of our Bear and his friend. It was a very dark picture and when I lightened it up it is a little grainy, but much more visible.

They are both almost smiling (LOL)!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Field trips and flowers

Monday, we took Katie to the Sonora Desert Museum and met Gavin on his first grade field trip. There were almost as many chaperones as there were kids, so we had Gavin to ourselves.

We managed to find the animals in every one of the locations we looked. The cats were mostly sleeping, but they were visible. The wolves were up walking around. The otter was also sleeping, which was sad because they are fun to watch. The beavers were in their den sleeping on their backs.

We saw a hummingbird sitting on her teeny tiny nest. Katie walked a lot, but by the time we were at the hummingbirds, she was done. So we decided we better head home.

When we got home we noticed that our Lady Banks (Tombstone) Rose was in full bloom. So we got a picture of all the kids that were at the house.

Other than it being a little warmer than it should be this time of year, we had a good day.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Girls climbing walls

Today we met at the Phoenix Rock Gym to celebrate dacheese and Rhayn's b'day. JVA had decided that he wanted to pay for them to climb for their birthday present. Rhayn is an experienced climber as we have seen in a few blogs of the past.

dacheese is afraid of heights and was determined that she couldn't get very high. We also took Bethie for this climbing adventure. SLA and JVA have been here a few times climbing. Will also joined us for the climb.

All of the climbers made it to the top at least one time - even dacheese!!! Bethie started out climbing just a few feet up before she was done with the climb, but by the end she had made it to the top of three different places.

Afterwards we all met at leaner's house for Corned Beef and Cabbage and of course b'day cake from Costco. It was a great day, thanks JVA for the fun.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Golden Birthday

Since we knew this was the year of Rhayn's golden birthday we have been talking for months about celebrating this on her special day. The biggest problem is that it fell on a Tuesday so we couldn't be out too late.

When LVH said that she was coming to Arizona and her g-daughter Jules would be here we decided to make a date of it with the two girls and us. We had celebrated dacheese's golden birthday together so it sounded like fun.

Rhayn's favorite food is French Onion Soup, so we started our adventure at Claim Jumpers. Rhayn had her cup of soup and cheesy garlic bread. For dessert we ate an IDeclair, or we shared one and attempted to eat it all.

After eating way too much we went to Arizona Mills and rode the carosel. Rhayn picked out a pink bunny and Jules picked a pretty horse.

On to the photo booth for pictures of the two girls. Since the technology has changed a lot since LVH or I have sat in one of these we didn't realize the girls were way too low. The first set of pictures came back as big white squares. So we had them pose again. Let's just say that they had their pictures taken.

Our last adventure was at the IMAX theater. We asked the girls if thy would like something to drink and the kid behind the counter said he would give them a cup of Icee and some popcorn for free. So they both chose white cherry icees and probably marched into the theater.

They both decided that this was a really big movie. The glasses for the 3D were a bit too big for both of these little ladies and had to be adjusted several times during the Deep Sea Adventure (narrated by Johnny Depp).

This was a very Big day - Big food, Big movie, Big glasses and one very Big Birthday Girl. Happy 6th Rhayn! Thanks for sharing this day with me.