Tuesday, June 19, 2007


So as we were checking out geocaching in South Dakota we noticed that we had inadvertently forgotten to log one that we had found two years ago. Usually I wouldn't remember every cache, but this one was quite a pain to find. A mosquito infested swamp, teaming with ticks, only a tenth of a mile from the car. We did find it and we had to pick each other for ticks afterwards - kind of like a new song they are playing on the country stations. Anyway, I decided to log it almost two years after the fact. When I asked abe if he remembered our experience he actually remembered this one. But then he said that I couldn't be mad at him anymore for losing our ice cream cone antenna ball. After all, we didn't get that at our 600th find. it was really our 601st find. Takes all the fun out of him losing it after all.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Third times a charm

So I haven't taken time to write for a few days. I am sure that I have been extremely busy. Anyway, just wanted to let everyone know that our new "bird dog" Blue hasn't scared off our newest entry into the maternity ward plant. Here we go waiting for this newest dove to hatch her eggs. abe went to water the plant and he noticed the mom sitting patiently on her nest. I would think it would be way to hot under our porch to birth anything. Hopefully Rhayn will be able to come see this one before it hatches!

Rate this

Last night we were standing outside after helping our friends, the Carps, wrap meat (they do that for a living) anyway, I said I was tired and abe said,
"Yeah, you've been short on your beauty sleep and it is starting to show."

So we are discussing the rudeness level of this. Please let us know how many rudeness stars (1-5) you would give this. Secondly, abe wants you to rate the humor level (1-10) Bro Carp thought that it was the funniest thing he had heard all week.

one fish, two fish, red fish....

When we had R visit us for a few days last week we had lots of fun. One day she stayed with aunt maymay's, she spent a night at G'Gmas house. She also spent a day at G'rats.

She is such a big girl now that we had to put up an air bed for her to have her own room and not sleep with us. We really enjoyed her visit.

One of the nights abe took R and G fishing. They caught lots of fish! JVA almost ate a fish! They had fun.


Just got an email from the mother of one who is part of our blogging world. Amiedanny were on their way to UT and were in a fairly serious car wreck.

Here is part of the email......."All had seatbelts...thankfully...Cam may have internal injuries and is being air-evacced out. Ethan needs stitches. Rest have seatbelt bruising so far. Van is totaled."

Please remember them in your prayers.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

A rose by any other name.....

Hairball - we discussed Jethro for quite awhile prior to your post, and while he is kind of Clampetty he isn't a hound. So it just didn't fit.

We spent almost all day Sunday thinking that the perfect name for this horse of a dog would be Trigger. But it didn't work, calling him Trig made us think too much of math.
As we went for a walk Sunday evening, and we took him for his first stroll around the track it suddenly hit. We've done this all before. It was all kind of Deja vu. There we go, a perfect name..
So, introducing
Deja Blue
AKA Blue, Ballew (he is kind of Jungle Booky), Blue Boy, Big Blue, etc.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Back to three

So even though abe has been fighting this, we finally got a dog. Last winter our neighbor told us about some people who had Weimaraner puppies for a sale and she knew we wanted a dog at some point. We told her that we needed to wait until we didn't have any kids here. So we didn't think any more about it.

A week or so ago, she caught me in the street and told me that they still had one puppy. Five months old and they were willing to give it away. The mother had a huge litter and living in Florence it was difficult to get people to drive all the way out to buy the puppies. The down side to all of this was that this puppy was a male. After reading about the breed and finding out that they tend to be a little rambunctious, we weren't sure if we really wanted to do this. The neighbor had done a little more research on this puppy and found out that he is very calm. She told us she would bring him over so we could look at him and decide.

It took us several days to arrange this meeting. Finally on Thursday we finally connected and so our new family member met us for the first time. We were envisioning a puppy, what showed up at our door was a huge puppy, every bit as big as Cur when she died. That may be the worst part, he looks a lot like her.

Now we have to come up with the perfect name for this new addition to the family. We joked about Cur-sir, Recur, Concur, etc . But no derivative of Cur would be a good idea. So any great ideas???