Friday, November 24, 2006


After too much food we all went to one of the green areas near leaner's home. JVA remembered to bring the whiffle balls, and a couple of bats so that we would have something to do besides lay around watching football. They managed to come up with two four person teams, Rhayn on one and Gavin on the other. There was one base and home plate so after hitting the ball you had to run past the pitcher and possibly another membe of your team on your way to the base. Needless to say, a good time was had by all.

The automatic watering system was apparently set for about the time we were there and so we had to keep moving game locations. And when the sprinklers hit the last dry place we had to make a mad dash away before we got wet also.

After the game we went back for pie - too much food earlier to eat dessert. JVA found a recipe for a pumpkin pie with a cheesecake layer that he wanted to make. Brie made two apple pies from scratch - a lot of peeling went into those pies. We also had a regular pumpkin pie and a pecan pie. SLA made half of the crust, JVA made the other half. Brie rolled it all out. JVA mixed the roll dough, and SLA made it into butter rolls. I just supervised and cleaned while they did most of the baking.

The powell's and G'rat's had to move on to their extended families, so we all settled in and watched some Christmas claymation movies.

We ended the evening on a high note as the girls took on the boys in Trivial Pursuit. Since the powell's and G'rat's family weren't there, it may have been an unfair advantage. For the first time in ever the game ended in a tie. With the girls almost winning, even SLA earned a piece of pie with a correct answer.

The picture shows our three sons and one grandson.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Two calls and a wall

What an interesting day yesterday was. It started bright and early at 5:40 AM when abe's alarm went off. We had been called by the Stake Exec Secretary and were asked to visit with the Stake Pres at 7 am this Saturday morning. Knowing that they were planning on splitting the ward on Sunday, this was a real nerve wrenching phone call. Abe, true to form, had some inkling as to why we needed to visit with the SP. So we both put on our Sunday best and drove the 20 miles to the meeting place. We knew that he wasn't being called to be the Bishop as our current Bishop was still going to be in place. He thought that it may be the 2nd counselor, and he thought that may not be too bad. When the SP told him that he was being called as the first counselor, the full magnitude of what he was asking began to sink in. After we left the Stake Center, we drove to Cracker Barrell for breakfast. Sitting there we discussed how we thought this may change our lives, and how the ward was going to be split. Knowing it was all speculation, we discussed who would be in which ward. Would Suzy and Morris be with us? What about the Powell's or the Carpenter's? We had to wait until today to find out how the line would be drawn.

Later, we drove to Phoenix to go to Rhayn’s school. They were having a Winter Faire and so Grandparents and other family and friends were invited to join the festivities. As we approached the school we all noticed the 30 foot climbing wall set up especially for the occasion. We all thought it looked like the National Guard was there recruiting from the really young crowd that was attending. But there weren’t any recruiters anywhere. Just a lady taking tickets for a climb up the wall. We asked Rhayn if she wanted to climb and at first she didn’t seem interested, but soon she was ready to go. That is after her daddy told her that he knew she could do it. She climbed into the harness and was hooked to the rappelling rope. She began her ascent very confidently and other than a couple of short pauses she was on her way to the bell at the top. With a group of admirers oohing and aahing below, she made it to the very top. Pretty amazing for a such a little lady.

Then to cap the day off, our bear called and told us he would be here on Monday. And when and where he should be picked up. So we'll all be together for Thanksgiving for the first time in four years.

Sunday: The Coolidge Ward became two independent wards. The people who live within just a few miles of us, who have watched our family grow; the people who have become such an important part of our lives have now been moved to what seems like hundreds of miles away to the other ward in town. We are now members of the Coolidge Second Ward, Suzy, Morris, Brie and Scott are all part of the Coolidge First Ward. Split almost directly North and South along Coolidge Ave. New and old in both of the wards, which is how it should be. Although a lot of the members were hoping for old in one ward and new in the other. This is a better mix of young families and older families.