Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Just a day away

Monday we both had a break from work. Originally I thought we could get away for the weekend, but bishop had plans to be away. Then he came into our RS meeting and asked if we would help put together a "little food" for a wedding that was happening on Saturday night. So much for getting away before Sunday afternoon.

Saturday morning CC and I went to town and bought a cake and some food at CostCo. Then back to the church to set up our wedding arch complete with blue material from leaner's wedding and tulle from dacheese's wedding. Plants from CC's house and anything else that we could round up for an impromptu event. The bride and groom were very grateful as they weren't expecting anything and to say so myself, the room looked really nice.

Sunday afternoon we drove to Tucson and then on Monday we went geocaching south of there. Graveyards and a ghost town along with a box canyon and a few little hikes up hills. The weather was perfect for being outside. The sun shone brightly but it wasn't too hot. We took a picnic lunch with us and enjoyed each other's company. It was an almost perfect day.

Friday, May 16, 2008

efiL sI dooG

The day before the last day of April I went into the hospital to have a minor procedure done. While I would like to state that I had augmentation or something lifted, that would not be the truth. Fortunately the tissue that was removed came back benign. It took a few more days to recover from this than I thought it should. I managed to have the flu for a few days after that. Anyway, by Mother's Day weekend I was finally recovered. Work on Monday was great, I accomplished so much. Family home evening that night with G'rat's family.

Then Tuesday hit.

I left my phone in the car as I was going to just run into my office for a minute. 30 minutes later the phone rang, I noticed the number and wondered why abe was calling me. I started to explain that I forgot my phone in the car and he told me to just listen for a minute. He then told me that our Maddie had been air-vac'd to the valley. I locked my office and headed home to change vehicles and clothes and then down to the hospital. What a tough few days for our poor Brie and our littlest girl. It is so hard when all she wanted was a drink of water and we couldn't get her that. She wanted us to take her home. A late night Tuesday, a late night Wednesday, and Thursday they were able to bring her home. We watched her so that mom and dad could get some food and a prescription filled. She was so much happier and wanted to be a dog like Haley. So we played dog for awhile.

Tonight it is dinner in and some dumb movie on TV. efiL sI dooG is my new motto - I try to tell myself this all the time. Sometime it is easier than others to believe because truly "Life is Good" when you take time to reflect.