Saturday, October 27, 2007

A weekend of halloween and fun

Friday was the annual MLT Halloween bash, leaner, rhayn and gwen came to town to help celebrate.

Good food and fun for all.

Saturday abe, JVA and SLA needed to sight in their rifles for the big deer hunt. So since leaner was in town and Beth and Gav were over (mom and dad were out of town celebrating their anniversary) we decided to invite everyone out for a picnic at Coyote Pond. Fishing wasn't the best- too much duck weed. But Beth and Rhayn each caught a fish. Gwen decided that G'ma was the best chair at the pond.

That evening it was on to the next halloween gathering -Trunk or Treat. Beth and Gav put on their costumes, but G'ma didn't have the right makeup for either of them so Jack Sparrow had a pretty scraggly beard. They participated in the costume parade, fishing pond, bobbing for donuts, face paininting, haunted house, etc. Bowls of chili and fritos and homemade rootbeer. Of course the highlight was the trunk or treating in the parking lot. We brought home more candy than we took with us.

Sunday we are making cookies for my RS board meeting and the kids have parts in the Primary program.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Early in October I had to go on a trip to Kentucky. In between conference sessions we managed to visit the Louisville Slugger Museum and watched them make baseball bats. We also took a taxi ride and spent a few minutes at Churchill Downs. The weather was almost perfect even though we thought that it would be cold.

One evening, our group went to the restaurant at the top of the hotel. This is a picture from the bathroom at the Rivue. Notice how great these sinks were. We even had one of the men check out the men's bathroom to see if it were as cool as the women's. (It was the same).

Thursday, October 18, 2007

The challenge

Okay leaner here goes:

Artistic, unless whatever I am doing needs to be random, and everything I create tends to be symmetrical.

Not a loud person, or a party person, pretty much content with quiet and solitude especially at work.

Never at a loss for words, if you give me enough time, just don’t expect me to respond quickly. I need to think through what I am going to say.

Although not the most nurturing of individuals, I love my family and enjoy them. Watching the kids grow and change and now getting to know each of these grandchildren is truly the most important thing I can imagine.