Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Early in October I had to go on a trip to Kentucky. In between conference sessions we managed to visit the Louisville Slugger Museum and watched them make baseball bats. We also took a taxi ride and spent a few minutes at Churchill Downs. The weather was almost perfect even though we thought that it would be cold.

One evening, our group went to the restaurant at the top of the hotel. This is a picture from the bathroom at the Rivue. Notice how great these sinks were. We even had one of the men check out the men's bathroom to see if it were as cool as the women's. (It was the same).


tif-do said...

Wow that's a fancy smancy bathroom, I think I would be afraid to wash my hands.

lvh said...

I've always wondered how hard it would be to keep these new bowl type sinks clean. We want to redo the two bathrooms upstairs and make them into one but not sure what we want in there.