Monday, November 21, 2005

The hunt

Two hunters and their guides - Scott C., Craig, Jeff and Scott A. ready to find the elusive elk. By the end of the day they had seen a mule deer, a brief glimpse of a five-point elk, but no shots were fired.

It was cold, but little wind and the sun was shining, so it couldn't have been a much nicer day for a ride.

Maybe they'll have better luck tomorrow.

Where does time go

How did it get to be this late in November? I know for a fact that we just celebrated the fourth of July the other day. Then a day later the babies were born and they are getting too close to being two months old.

Tomorrow is our oldest daughters birthday. She was born on a Tuesday and we went home for her first Thanksgiving dinner. When we pulled into the driveway my brother Jack ran out and said "So you named her Helena, we call Tiffany 'Tif' so what are you going to call her?"

This is her birth story. I wrote it on a piece of paper towel the day after she was born.

"My dear little Helena. It has been a very quick 8 months since we first heard about you. You were a very much loved baby long before you even showed me any signs of life. I want to tell you about this "labor of love" we went throught to get you here.

I woke at two AM Tuesday morning and shortly began to feel pains - which persisted until we left home around 9 AM. Your father helped keep track of the pains about 30 minutes apart. When they got to 20 minutes we left home- which was good, since around Aguila (20 miles from the hospital) you then became more urgent and the pains slipped to barely 5 minutes apart. We came to the hospital, they sent us back to the doctor. He sent me straight back out to the hospital. Then the contractions came every minute. Long, hard pains. I think I scared your father as I was hurting so badly. Yes, dear, birth pains are the most intesnse hurt you will probably every feel, but it is worh it. Your father gave me a blessing, he told me my pains would ease and you would come soon. Less than 2 hours later you took your first breath and uttered your first sceam of protest. My pains were eased, only a little, but I was able to sleep between pains.

When I said you are special I meant that in many ways. To your father and I you are an important part of us, so much love, along with pain. But it will be only a little pain. The kind you have when you are growing. To the Lord you are a special part of his plan, and you are his spirit child.

Also, Helena, to yourself you should be special. Be the best person you can be. Love the Lord and show the world his light.

When they cut the cord and released you from being a part of me, right then I knew you would be an individual. And I pray that we will treat you like you are an important individual."

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Going on a snake hunt.....

In mid August, Jesse promised the missionaries that he would get them a rattlesnake. I wasn’t overly thrilled that they were going to go out and try to catch a live snake. Their dad wasn't thrilled that they were driving around in a very muddy desert. The Powell’s, Jesse and Stacey loaded up in our Explorer to drive out into the desert. It had been raining quite a bit and dad told Jesse, “don’t drive through any puddles because we aren’t coming out to get you when you get stuck.” We went to bed and a few hours later the phone rang. “Mom” “What Jesse, are you stuck?” “No, but we can’t get the car started. Ask dad how long it should take to start after you get the engine wet.” “He said it should start right away.” “Well, it won’t and we have tried everything. What do you think we should do?” “We can’t help you, we don’t have a car, remember you have ours. Call the Carpenters, maybe they can help you.”

Another hour passes and they don’t call back, so I call them. “Jess, where are you?” “We’re on our way home.” “Did you get the car started?” “We’re on our way home.” “Did you leave the car out in the desert?” “No, we’re towing it behind Jake’s truck. Tell dad that whatever I did to the engine I will pay for.”

Then next day they pull a spark plug to see what is going on with everything and realize that the engine is completely full of water. The amazing thing is that after changing the oil, putting in new plugs, the engine worked just fine. Craig said simply, “I told him not to drive through any puddles.”

The moral of the story….listen to your dad, he might know what he is talking about.

Did they get any snakes???? Of course, they actually found two, one right by the road when they were broken down – Bri almost stepped on it.