Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Going on a snake hunt.....

In mid August, Jesse promised the missionaries that he would get them a rattlesnake. I wasn’t overly thrilled that they were going to go out and try to catch a live snake. Their dad wasn't thrilled that they were driving around in a very muddy desert. The Powell’s, Jesse and Stacey loaded up in our Explorer to drive out into the desert. It had been raining quite a bit and dad told Jesse, “don’t drive through any puddles because we aren’t coming out to get you when you get stuck.” We went to bed and a few hours later the phone rang. “Mom” “What Jesse, are you stuck?” “No, but we can’t get the car started. Ask dad how long it should take to start after you get the engine wet.” “He said it should start right away.” “Well, it won’t and we have tried everything. What do you think we should do?” “We can’t help you, we don’t have a car, remember you have ours. Call the Carpenters, maybe they can help you.”

Another hour passes and they don’t call back, so I call them. “Jess, where are you?” “We’re on our way home.” “Did you get the car started?” “We’re on our way home.” “Did you leave the car out in the desert?” “No, we’re towing it behind Jake’s truck. Tell dad that whatever I did to the engine I will pay for.”

Then next day they pull a spark plug to see what is going on with everything and realize that the engine is completely full of water. The amazing thing is that after changing the oil, putting in new plugs, the engine worked just fine. Craig said simply, “I told him not to drive through any puddles.”

The moral of the story….listen to your dad, he might know what he is talking about.

Did they get any snakes???? Of course, they actually found two, one right by the road when they were broken down – Bri almost stepped on it.


lvh said...

Will kids never learn to listen to their parents - glad it turned out as well as it did. Who dressed these two? At first, I thought it was a halloween picture - lol.

leaner said...

HAHA!!! HAHAHA!!! I Love that picture of them! HEE HEE-
Great story, too. Daddy knows best, huh?

dacheese said...

It was fun though! to bad we killed the mommy snake:-( that makes me really sad!

dacheese said...

umm hello where did you go!?!?!?