Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Snow Day

We had decided two weeks ago that we wanted to take the grandkids and go play in the snow. We had watched M&S playing with their children and sliding down a nice snow hill in the White Mountains. So since we had two girls for the weekend, we asked to borrow three more kids. It worked out perfectly. G'rat and purplelurple could spend a day without any children, JVA and SLA had Saturday off, so did dacheese and SP. So abe and I loaded up six grandchildren in two cars and drove to M&S's home. He took the twins and one boy, I took the girls and one boy. In our car we sang Silly Songs the entire way. Rhayn had a four CD set with such songs - 80 in all. The best part is they are camp songs and I knew most of them. Nothing better than - "the Quartermaster's Store" or "What did Delaware?" we can't forget my all time favorite "The other day I met a Bear". It was dark as we drove through the Salt River Canyon, and I told the kids that they would be scared if they could see how deep this canyon actually was. When I was young this was one of the scariest roads in the world to me.

We arrived late and after eating supper we tried to get settled in for the night. We weren't overly successful at this as the kids were too wound up. After having a short night the previous evening, I really was hoping that they would sleep in. This was just a pipe dream and the kids were awake way too early. We had Madders in the room we were in and she spent the night rubbing her feet on my arm.

After breakfast we loaded up and drove to the hill. The kids helped carry sleds and inner tubes and other slidey things up the hill. They didn't stop to ask what to do, and none of them even thought for a moment about anything, they just started sliding down and climbing up. Even madders was willing to ride down and we took turns taking them down and walking back up. Some of the kids went with JVA and SLA to the steeper part of the hill. The best part was watching abe sliding down like a twelve year old. He was flying down the hill and had a great time.

The weather couldn't have been more perfect - over 40 degrees and sunny with no wind. We spent two hours sliding down and climbing up. Everyone took turns and we didn't suffer too many wipeouts. Melly slept the entire time bundled up in a blanket.

We had pizza and other delicious things at a local pizzeria. Then back to M&S to pack everything up. Loaded everyone up for the long ride home. The twins slept most of the way home. When we got to the Salt River Canyon I told the kids we were entering the (dramatic pause and drumroll) Canyon of DEATH. Then when we crossed the bridge I told them we were crossing the Bridge of DEATH. Since the girls were asleep in the other car we didn't want to stop. So we got to Miami before we stopped to let everyone get out to use the bathroom.

It was early when we got home, but we were all pretty tired and ready to relax. A few books and it was lights out for the girls. G'rat told us the his went to bed without any complaint.

So now I am going to round up some winter things for our next snow day. We'll keep our eyes open for great end of the year sales so next time we can have a few things to keep the kids a little dryer and warmer.