Saturday, March 28, 2009

A day in the desert

Okay, so this year we have taken as many opportunities to get out and enjoy the desert as possible before the heat arrives. Spring Break weekend, mom took it seriously and broke her wrist. We did manage to get out a couple of times and do a little geocache/hiking between spending time taking care of her. Last Saturday was an annual geocaching event and we went out with some friends to play in the desert and be with other geocache geeks from our part of th world. We also spent a lot of time pulling cholla out of our feet and legs. The joys of the desert!

Today G'rat and purplelurple asked us to watch the kids so they could dress up and go to the ren fair. With perfect weather we decided to go out and see what the bloomin' cactus and wildflowers looked like this week. We saw lots of squirrels, a fox and a whole plethora of butterflies. There were hawks flying everywhere. The entire world seemed happy today. We started the day with a cache near Flo town called "you have cacti in your what?" We ended the day 8 caches later with Gav walking a little too close to a jumping cactus and having to wait while grandpa pulled cholla out of his posterior. Fortunately none of it was too deep, just one prong in his hand which we had to carefully remove with some pliers.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Pics to make Leaner jealous

Notice the perfect clouds in the background

The wildflowers are amazing near Superior and down towards Tucson

Last of all we almost ran into this guy when we were walking along a desert trail. Fortunately I spotted him before I took my next step which would have been about six inches from his head.

Monday, March 09, 2009

Caching and Caving

We decided to take the oldest granddaughters to Kartchner Caverns for their birthday gift this year. So on a perfect day in March we got in the truck and drove the two hours to the park. We got there too early so we decided not to take the time to do some geocaching. Rhayn found most of the caches, but we all found some - eleven in all.

Girls at a geoccache spot, which rock is the cache behind?

Sitting in a tree outside of the Discovery center. It was a perfect tree for posing.

Standing by a stalagmite in the discovery zone. Okay it isn't real, but you can't touch the real ones, so it is the best you can get. You can't take cameras into the caves either so we thought we better take pictures while we were waiting for our tour.

After a long day we stopped at Cracker Barrel and ate and ate and ate. My camera was set incorrectly so some of the pictures came out pretty blurry.