Thursday, October 18, 2007

The challenge

Okay leaner here goes:

Artistic, unless whatever I am doing needs to be random, and everything I create tends to be symmetrical.

Not a loud person, or a party person, pretty much content with quiet and solitude especially at work.

Never at a loss for words, if you give me enough time, just don’t expect me to respond quickly. I need to think through what I am going to say.

Although not the most nurturing of individuals, I love my family and enjoy them. Watching the kids grow and change and now getting to know each of these grandchildren is truly the most important thing I can imagine.

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leaner said...

Good job, Mom!
You are not very random, are you? Haha

I could be a loud person, but I have to be comfortable in the situation. I was VERY loud and VERY social when I was 17-22. But not really anymore. Sometimes I totally miss that loud me. But she got into trouble, and I don't so much. She also spoke her mind a lot more, which I wish I did.

I am never at a loss for words either, BUT sometimes it takes me so long to find the right ones that I never get to use them! I store up retorts.

You and dad didn't hug us a lot as kids, but we had each other to do that, and now with our own children. You gave us a safe loving environment, and even though you didn't always like the outcome, you really didn't stifle our personalities. I thank you for that.