Thursday, June 07, 2007

A rose by any other name.....

Hairball - we discussed Jethro for quite awhile prior to your post, and while he is kind of Clampetty he isn't a hound. So it just didn't fit.

We spent almost all day Sunday thinking that the perfect name for this horse of a dog would be Trigger. But it didn't work, calling him Trig made us think too much of math.
As we went for a walk Sunday evening, and we took him for his first stroll around the track it suddenly hit. We've done this all before. It was all kind of Deja vu. There we go, a perfect name..
So, introducing
Deja Blue
AKA Blue, Ballew (he is kind of Jungle Booky), Blue Boy, Big Blue, etc.

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tif-do said...

What a great name!