Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Field trips and flowers

Monday, we took Katie to the Sonora Desert Museum and met Gavin on his first grade field trip. There were almost as many chaperones as there were kids, so we had Gavin to ourselves.

We managed to find the animals in every one of the locations we looked. The cats were mostly sleeping, but they were visible. The wolves were up walking around. The otter was also sleeping, which was sad because they are fun to watch. The beavers were in their den sleeping on their backs.

We saw a hummingbird sitting on her teeny tiny nest. Katie walked a lot, but by the time we were at the hummingbirds, she was done. So we decided we better head home.

When we got home we noticed that our Lady Banks (Tombstone) Rose was in full bloom. So we got a picture of all the kids that were at the house.

Other than it being a little warmer than it should be this time of year, we had a good day.


Pen-nut said...

What fun!! I love zoos and things like that. We had a Lady Banks rose at our old house, I loved it. We planted another here, but it's still small.

dacheese said...

that picture is GREAT! Gavin with his missing teeth. Bethy with her hand on her hip. Katy with her glasses and mad looking oiff into space.