Saturday, March 17, 2007

Girls climbing walls

Today we met at the Phoenix Rock Gym to celebrate dacheese and Rhayn's b'day. JVA had decided that he wanted to pay for them to climb for their birthday present. Rhayn is an experienced climber as we have seen in a few blogs of the past.

dacheese is afraid of heights and was determined that she couldn't get very high. We also took Bethie for this climbing adventure. SLA and JVA have been here a few times climbing. Will also joined us for the climb.

All of the climbers made it to the top at least one time - even dacheese!!! Bethie started out climbing just a few feet up before she was done with the climb, but by the end she had made it to the top of three different places.

Afterwards we all met at leaner's house for Corned Beef and Cabbage and of course b'day cake from Costco. It was a great day, thanks JVA for the fun.


dacheese said...

I actually made it to the Top Twice. I think Stacey is my good luck charm. Only when she was down there telling me I could do it, I actually could. GO ME!

leaner said...

Yeah for rock walls and cabbage and cake!

I wish I had gone climbing, oh well, we'll have to do it so I can go.

Amie said...

Wow, look how strong you all are! We went there several years ago for some anniversary fun. I STUNK! I am not strong enough in my arms I have learned. I hated it. But my hubby loved it. Go monkey people!