Sunday, December 17, 2006

Ready for Christmas?

Abe put the star on top of the tree, but this year we sang We Three Kings, instead of our traditional Oh Christmas Tree, simply because we really don't know the words.

Our bear was home and helped put the lights up, he was also there to add some great Bass to our song. I doubt if we are ready for any grand choir, but we sound better than I thought we might.

This wonderful addition to our front yard was given to our bear in Texas when they greeted the troops. We are hoping that the tomb raider's on the other side of town don't decide it would look better in their front yard.

Are we ready for Christmas? Tomorrow night we will read the Christmas Story and bake some cookies. Hopefully on Sunday we can take a few things around to some of our friends. The gifts will happen, they always do, but what I really want this year is that feeling on Christmas, the one you feel so much love for everyone around you. When you follow through on those thoughts of giving and sharing with others.

I hope this year we are truly ready for Christmas.


Anonymous said...

Maybe that is what is always "missing" this time of year? That feeling of love enveloping us all. Who cares about gifts, they are trivial- it is the feeling that really matters. And of course- remembering Jesus' birth.

Pen-nut said...

I agree. In fact I haven't wrapped presents yet this year for that reason - to get my kids to focus on what they are giving, and doing for others. That's all that really matters. The people - our family and friends, and the love that we have for them. Merry Christmas!!