Saturday, April 07, 2007

Birthday Bonanza week continues

On Thursday, we picked up mom and took her to LB Inn in Florence for a birthday dinner. She had lunch with Laree and Shari. When we picked her up she noticed a box on her porch filled with fresh flowers from her favorite daughter.

Mom, G'rat's family, JVA and SLA, Brie and Maddie and abeNanna enjoyed chips and salsa and some other food in celebration of her 86 birthday and Maddie's 18 month birthday.

That evening we received a phone call from our bear, thanking us for the easter stuff - a camo basket and camo eggs. We reminded him what day it was, so when he hung up he called his grandma. Leaner called her also and had Rhaynn sing her a Happy Birthday.

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lvh said...

And G'ma was absolutely thrilled to be able to talk to each of Abenanna's kids on her special day. She keeps telling me how beautiful her roses are - I'm so grateful she has such a wonderful gardener to care for them. Thanks for making her birthday extra special. Love ya, lvh