Sunday, November 11, 2007

It was Brain Surgery

We had to drive into the desert on Saturday to repair do some maintenance on one of our geocaches.

As we were trying to get out of Cooltown we had to stop and wait for a really huge funeral procession to get by. Back on the road and a few miles out of town we noticed a firetruck blocking traffic. This time we had to detour as there were some power lines down on the highway. We thought maybe we should go home and give up for the day.

Finally we got to where our cache was located. A previous cacher told us that our "half a brain" was now two quarters of a brain. They recommended that we take some JB weld or something out to repair the cache. I disabled the cache when I found out that we had a problem. We even got an email from a cacher who planned on being in the area and wanted to know if they could fix the cache for us.

So with some gorilla glue in hand we preformed brain surgery. Feeling we had accomplished a lot for the day we headed home. We placed one more cache on the right road so that we could encourage more people to find our newly repaired half a brain.

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