Friday, April 25, 2008

Kid's eye view

Last week was the annual Father and Son's outing. We borrowed Bethanie and SLA and da bear's girl and I went to CG on a geocaching adventure and then to the Cracker Barrell as that is what Beth wanted for supper. As we were driving around we looked up at the sun and noticed the "sun dogs" on both sides of it. I remembered that abe told me when he was growing up that his grandfather was quite a weather guy, using the sky and animals to help him know what the weather was going to be like. Of course this was in the great state of wet SD, not our desert terrain. But it was fun to see them. The guys called us from the mountain and we asked them if they could see the sun dogs. They said they couldn't and we decided they must be looking at a different sun than we were.

Saturday we went to the lake and JVA was making fun of me when I told him that the sun dogs brought the clouds that covered the earth. I told him that I didn't dream them up and that his great g'dad would have told him all about them. abe didn't defend me though so JVA continued teasing me. I finally got abe to agree with me as we were sitting at Dairy Queen having a cone. abe said that his grandfather would have said they were a sure sign of rain.

JVA told us that he gets his weather forecast from channel 10.

I told him this was before Channel 10.

About this time, Gavin pipes up with, "So they only had nine channels?"

Ah, to be young.....


leaner said...

Kidisms... such a great thing. They make you laugh and long to be so young, so naive.

purplelurple said...

oh that made me laugh so hard. Whta it would be like to have that innocence again. that is so cute!!!