Thursday, July 31, 2008

One crazy week in June

Monday - an unshower at Itchiban's for the bride to be and a few special relatives

Tuesday - temple session with one of the groom's friends

Wednesday - temple session with the bride

Thursday - pick up one B at the airport and our other B baptism that evening

All seven g'kids together with great grandma.

Friday - Shredding beef for the wedding - temple with Bri and Scott - setting up
for the reception

Taxi that hairball made specially for the reception.

Saturday - early morning wedding shoot before the heat was too intense. Temple wedding with lots of family -thanks to all who came, Lunch at Pacific Rim --Sushi, Dim Sum, Mongolian BBQ-- and then home for the reception.

All but one for a quick family pic with our newest member.

Thanks to the MLT's who were there to help set up and serve the food, and all the other's who helped us get ready for this special day.

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