Monday, August 04, 2008

Quirk Factor MeMe

The Rules
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* Tell six quirky yet boring, unspectacular details about yourself.
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I was tagged for this- the Quirky Meme, by desertratmama

1. I love words. We went fishing one time and I forgot to bring a book. so I read every thing in the vehicle I could find, including all of the car manuals, the maps, etc.

2. Speaking of maps, I have to have one where ever we go. I will pull it out and look at it regularly to try and figure out where we are. Even on an airplane I will pull out the airlines magazine and look for a route of where the plane flies then try and figure out where we are.

3. We don't go to concerts because I can't deal with the crowds. Abe would probably love to go, but he knows that I am really weird about this. If we go somewhere I spend quite a bit of time planning how we will be able to get out when we are done - including which exit to drive out of.

4. Yep, I deal with things by ignoring them. We have had quite a few fights because I didn't tell abe something - didn't tell him because I didn't want to talk about it. If you don't talk about it, it isn't real. Not the best way of coping, but tends to be my way.

5. I enjoy creating spreadsheets with excel - including formulas that are linked from one workbook to another. I use spreadsheets for everything. Most people would create a document, I create a spreadsheet.

6. Regardless of how bad they are, I can't delete pictures from my computer. I probably have hundreds of th em that I just can't get rid of. Maybe I will find some wonderful thing in each of them.

As I don't know anyone that leaner doesn't know, I can't link to anyone...


leaner said...

I got the ignoring thing for you. I knew that.
I have FINALLY started being able to delete blurry pictures, but ONLY if I have one that is clear and taken only moments before or after. My external hard drive is filled with crappy pictures of my kids and pets.

... said...

Scott does the excel spread sheets. he knows how much we spend and on what. He also knows exactly what we should get back from taxes this year. and changes it to adjust it daily to be more accurate.