Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Degreening my life

Just wanted to post some really awful pics and hopefully some much better ones. The first two look like a room in a house that should be condemned. The second two are much more inviting. We should have taken a picture of before we took the built in desk and shelves out - but didn't think about it in time. I love the fact that the room ended up a slightly darker shade of the same color that it started out with before they built the desk. This is visible in the first picture. What you can't see is the beautiful wooden floor that needed ever so little TLC - it has been covered with carpet for years.


tif-do said...

I love the new color. The old one kind of reminds me of an old scary movie hospital scene. Anyhow beautiful new room!

leaner said...

My bed is so welcoming. I can't wait to sleep in it tomorrow night.