Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Procrasti Nation

What country do you live in? I think that sometimes I reside in the Procrasti Nation.

We knew many months ago that we were going to have a girl baby. We knew that Brie would want a new dress for this new little girl. So why is it that with all the craziness that is my life I am not finished with this dress? First we decided to redo a bathroom - spending more time and money than we planned. We obviously didn't learn from my oldest sister that if you start a project it may take on a life of it's own. Now we do love our newly remodeled bathroom (except for the green bathtub and old medicine cabinet that we will hopefully redo in the spring). It was especially wonderful when abe's sister decided to come pay us a visit and get out of the land of cold.

So here it is Wednesday - with a blessing on Sunday - only three days away. One of which we will be helping with the Bishop's Christmas and then the Christmas program in the evening so that day is shot. Then on Sunday, it is my turn to give the lesson it is "Mothers who know stand strong and immovable in Relief". So sometime I need to finish up my lesson preparations. I may be finishing the last stitches in the middle of the night. But it will be done.

My most important other thing to do this week was to mail tamales to our Son-In-law serving in Iraq. We will see if he gets them and if he gets them and they are still edible that will be wonderful. They cost about $5 a tamale.

Here are a few pictures of a dress that according to the pattern is for an 8-13 lb. baby, but looks way too huge to me. I even cut it down a little because I think it may have fit Melly Roses older sister.


tif-do said...

It's beautiful!

leaner said...

Yup- it is beautiful. I love the piping. Pretty.

lvh said...

I too reside in that land of Procrasti-Nation. The really sad thing is that I have know that for at least 48 years. 1960 - 4-H camp, I can remember making a little plaque to put in my bedroom:

Procrastination is a crime
That only leads to sorrow.
I can stop it any time
I think I will.....


Us procrastinators just work better under pressure. The dress is absolutely gorgeous. Love ya