Saturday, May 08, 2010


We decided to put new windows in our summer home, so we had someone come and measure them. Since there were quite a few sales, we got them cheaper than we thought we might. So, we are replacing 16 windows. This should be a great thing right?

They were scheduled to come and do the install on Thursday. I knew they had my cell number so I went to work early to get a few things done, they would call when they got the the house right??? Anyway I didn't get a call so I decided that I must have given them the wrong day. About noon I found out that my phone was not working that morning and I had over 6 voice messages - 3 were from the installers. So plan B, they would come Friday morning. Friday afternoon abe was leaving for the Father & Sons and I had thought I could take the girls out and do something fun. Not with installers here, so Friday night they finally left at 7 and I went and bought something for supper. I did take the dog for a walk and scared the installers as they didn't realize that I had taken the dog and they were looking everywhere for him.

Even better, they wanted to come back at 6:30 am Saturday morning, so no sleeping in on this day. Since this house was built over a period of years, none of the existing windows was installed the same. The installers have really gotten frustrated, but it will be great once it is done.

I can't go too far from home today as they are here. Can't really do anything in my house either, and can't even relax and watch TV. Oh, well abe should be home soon so at least I will have someone to talk to. Poor, poor me..


lvh said...

What summer home? Does everyone have a summer home but me and since I'm homeless I have no home at all :-(.

leaner said...

LOL, Mom.