Friday, June 11, 2010

Washington State in June

Solo Point, this is where the Bear starts his PT. Quite an uphill run from here. We saw lots of itty bitty crabs, a jelly fish, and millions of barnacles at low tide.

Up the hill to the old Insane Asylum. Glad it wasn't still there or they may have wanted to keep me.

At the entrance to Mt. Rainier. Have to love camera's with timers. Am I really this fat, it must be the camera lens?

Paradise on Mt. Rainier, or it will be after the summer thaw. We looked at the beautiful pictures of this spot on the internet and didn't think about the fact that those pictures were taken at a much later date. We did get to see the Mountain from a distance, which not everyone gets to do in June.

In the grove of the Patriarch's with the 1000 year old trees (yep abe and I felt right at home).

One goonie girl enjoying the view near the Goonie rock's on the 25th anniversary celebration of this historic movie...

Enjoying the views at bridal veil falls with one of our favorite people.

Right from WOW...

Beautiful ripe berries over a fast running stream.

Seattle Temple (Just in case you can't read the words on the sign)

We had some time to kill before we got to the airport and we found a brown sign showing us the way to a scenic place. So we drove off the freeway and found the "Pacific Rim Bonsai Collection". The price for the tour was within our budget (free dollars) so we parked and strolled among some really cool Bonsai trees. This one is over 400 years old. Well worth your time if you are ever just a little south of the Sea Tac Airport and have some time to kill.


purplelurple said...

lol Only our daughter would be a tauren from WOW!
Looks like you guys had a blast.

BrieP said...

Wish I could go:-(

Alex's Human said...

I had such a wonderful time with you guys! Please, please, please come back soon.. And where's the pic of you with the doughnut??