Friday, December 23, 2005

Two days 'til Christmas

Getting cookies, popcorn, and nuts ready to deliver to people for Christmas. What a good heper we had today (that is she rocked nicely in her swing so we could cook.)

We baked Cinnamon Bread with and without raisins, and little loaves of Cranberry Orange Quick bread.

When we made cookies and sugared nuts (Lynda's recipe), Madison wasn't too helpful.

Okay, so we never put lights on the house, the Christmas card didn't get sent (they didn't even get ready to send), so far we haven't made any chocolate bears, we didn't drive around and look at the Christmas lights in town. There are probably a lot more things that we didn't do this year. There is always tomorrow, and after that......well we can always do better next year.


leaner said...

Where did December go?!
Madder looks sooo cute with her biggo smile! Glad she was a niec baby so you could cook.
We didn't make chocolate bears either. (and now i messed up the peanut butter/kiss cookies I will NEVER know!!! but I did! Oh well...)

You could send out Valentine's Cards, because you want to be different, and everyone expects Christmas- not Valentines... right?

dacheese said...

that is a good idea. I might do that! Since I need to sent something, mom probably wont though she is to busy

leaner said...

LOL! Well I'll bet you can get a super cute pic of Madder to send to everyone.
We are going to do a family pic around RHayn's b-day so will send a card out around Easter, too. (Just think if you wait until then you COULD send a pic of Madder in the bunny hat and a pic of YOU as a baby in YOUR bunny hat! It would be super cute! WHOO HOO!!!!)

dacheese said...

that would be I forgot about that pic! YEAH FOR BUNNYS!!!!

hairball said...

tee hee!! Holiday (not christmas) cards are fun with babys!! Collin's easter egg toosh ad valentine footprints. I can't wait to think of what this year's cards will bring.