Tuesday, January 03, 2006


We weren't able to spend Christmas with Garrett and family, so we drove to NV the next day and spent a few days with them. The weather was good, even though it snowed the day after Christmas. We stayed at a motel with an indoor pool and the kids got to swim then the next day they had a snowball fight with g'pa. The kids are growing up so fast.

It is so hard having them so far away, but they are within driving distance, so we have burned up the road three to four times a year every year. We don't need a map to get there anymore and know all the good places to stop.

There is nothing better than a great big hug from your grandchild, followed by a kiss and an I love you g'ma. Watching the little things they do and remembering their parent at that age and seeing those same attributes in these new special children.

We kept the kids overnight and watched Madagascar on the TV. The parents had some alone time, and we had some time with the kids. Donuts and hot chocolate in the morning with a few more laps in the pool before we had to check out of the motel. It was such a great visit. Today is Brendon's seventh birthday, and in nine days Garrett will turn 27, then Beth will turn eight on the 21st.


lvh said...

So glad you got to spend time with all of your grandchildren during the holiday. They definitely grow up way tooooo fast and nothing is more important than family. Love ya, lvh

leaner said...

GREAT!!! Picture!
I wish I could spend some time with them, too. I just adore Jodi.