Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Wedding invites

We printed the invitations (125 of them), then JVA decided that he wanted them done differently. He insisted on changing them and printing a sample one so that SLO could make up her mind. She looked at them and decided that JVA hadn't asked for much when it comes to wedding plans so he should get his way in this.

Printed 125 more, then noticed that 90 of them had a typo on them, a big "n" right in the middle. Great, printing a third time and hoping that this would be good enough. So after hours of stamping and folding and stuffing we finally got them into the mail.

Yes, they are home made, but they weren't cheap, after all, that much ink and paper can be pretty pricey.

Now only 150 more things to do to get ready for this mid March event. We should be ready by May.


hairball said...

Ahhhh yes wedding invitations. I think that was my least favorite part of "planning the wedding" At least you didn't have to deal with that one piece of see through tissue that goes inside each one. What is that tissue for anyway?

leaner said...

to drive you crazy! MUUUAAAHHHHAAAAHHAAA!!!

leaner said...

Soon she won't be SLO, she will be SLA! So long SLO, welcome SLA!

leaner said...

Oh and since you still haven't posted anything... you really should kick SLO in the butt and tell her she needs to get a blog...I want a pre wedding account by her!

Pen-nut said...

The invitations are really cute, so are the pictures!!