Monday, January 09, 2006

End of Christmas

We sent Jesse over to G'mas to help fix her TV and he came home and told us that we needed to go over and take down her lights. I called Suzy and Malcolm and asked them if they wanted to help. Da familia dacheese went to the zoo with ragininaz so they didn't get to help.

We all showed up by 6 PM so that we could undecorate. Everytime we thought that we all had everything down we noticed one more thing. We stopped to eat pizza and then continued putting everything away and then put back all the treasures that she had taken down to put up all the Christmas glitz and glitter. With everyone's help, including the girls, we got a lot done in a short amount of time.

G'ma has been very depressed lately, she is still having dizzy spells and so she has been very confined to her house. She says that Christmas went by and it never seemed like a holiday at all. She also said that she feels so close to dad right now. I can't imagine how lonely it must be for her.

We don't spend enough time with her and it is sad when we realize that a week has gone by without us visiting her. I had made a resolution that we would get over there at least one time a week and then the first week of January we didn't make it over there. We will try better the rest of the year.


tif-do said...

I miss my grandma. It seems everyone keeps having strong feelings about her lately. I know I did right before Christmas, and knew I needed to write her a letter of appreciation. It's got me worried about her. Anyway give her a big hug for me. Love you

TLC said...

Just got off the phone w/ gra'ma and wanted to say thanks for forwarding my comments to her - she said she enjoyed reading them. At this point in the game, it's the little things that bring a smile to her face. I am grateful to have such a deep relationship w/ yet another admiral person as herself. I hope to be surrounded by loving children, grandchildren and greatchildren and many of them too!

leaner said...

I worry about those strong feelings- do they mean waht I think they might mean? If so then its time to spend EVEN more time with her. I know that once she is gone, life will never be the same.

She called me to thank me for what I wrote in my blog about her, and the whole time I was talking to her I wanted to cry, it was so hard not to. Her voice sounded so- final to me. Like she was tying up loose ends before a long journey. I just hope to get to see her more before that journey.

lvh said...

OK - so now everyone has me worried. I was going to go to Arizona this month and spend a week with Lois to help out with her care but that was too late. I've been thinking of heading down in March to spend 2 weeks with Mom - feeling a need to do that to make sure she has everything in order. I know she's running low on money and I am concerned about that but maybe there's more. I have talked to Valerie about me driving over to Portland and having Mom fly in then bringing her back with me - haven't told her yet but maybe I should get that planned for sure. She gets depressed very easily and I know I didn't spend as much time with her last year as I have been cause I was too busy with John's family and the new baby. Give her a hug for me too. Hope to see you soon. love ya.