Monday, May 22, 2006

What's up

So it has been over a month since I have written anything. Probably because all the exiting events in my life are about the grandkids at this point. If I write that the babies each have two teeth you would all say "that's not news, their moms wrote about that". If I tell you Garrett is moving home, you would reply "purplelurple wrote about that".

See how hard this is? I don't want to complain about work all the time, that gets pretty old after awhile, besides it has been a lot better now that all the new people have pretty much gone on to greener pastures (hope they step in some manure along the way).

If I posted our June and July calendar it would depress me too much. There is only one week where there is nothing happening, after that it is total chaos. So I am going to be really busy the first week of June making sure that everything is accomplished before the craziness begins.

The only thing new in my life is after almost a year of not having a calling in the church, I was called to be an assistant librarian. We are going to recatalog the pictures and take turns being there on Wednesday night. We are also going to go through all the interesting things that have accumulated and weed out the things that are outdated, etc. It should be fun and the other two ladies will be good to work with.

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dacheese said...

The grandtwins have two toofs? WOW!! LOL i think being in the library would be a found job!