Monday, May 22, 2006

G'rat and the move

Okay I guess I was wrong and no one knows what is happening with the G'rat. We will make the long drive to Ely one last time in early June to help them move back to Cooltown. They will be here for the reunion, which is really great. We needed a few more people in our home during the summer. Once they get settled and find a job they are planning on staying in the area.

Also, da Bear will be home from July 2-12. He will be heading for Iraq in August.

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lvh said...

How exciting for you to be planning to have all of your family together in July - I am so envious that all your little grandchildren will be so close. It is great that G'rat will be able to be at the reunion. I hope everything works out for them when they get back to Cool-town