Wednesday, May 23, 2007

It was on sale

We have been planning on buying a patio set for a long time. Today abe had a Dr. appt so we had a little time to shop. He was even willing to go into more than one store, that in itself was amazing.
Our last stop of the day was Home Depot, we stopped there to get some stuff for the wood floor and they had this set $50 off. We sat in the two swivel rockers and then in the regular chairs. Since it is what we were looking for we decided to go ahead and buy it. The best part was that when we went to check out it came up for $100 less than the regular price. Guess we'll have to have a BBQ and break it in.


purplelurple said...

WOW that is really nice!

dacheese said...

I love tile table tops. I love it. YAY! I love saving money.

Amie said...

That's a lovely set.