Sunday, August 23, 2009

One Day at a Time

nmnmnm,mn,nm,nm,,, , (Melly wrote this and so this must be what she thinks about air travel and SD)

After leaving cool town a little later than we planned we arrived at the airport and walked right up to the counter to check in. We were there in plenty of time, but then the plane ended up leaving almost an hour late. While we were waiting we noticed that they gave us different seats than the ones we had requested. They would have been okay except we needed two aisle seats and they put us all on the same row. Since we had to pay extra for choosing seats I did ask them why they moved us. They ended up putting us in the front row, which has a few benefits - more leg room, but your carry on stuff has to be stowed overhead as there is no where to store it under the seat in front of you.

Even though we were an hour late taking off, we arrived only about 30 minutes late. The flight was great for the most part and melly slept most of the trip. We took some great pictures of clouds, and letters we could see on the ground, etc. I wanted to post some of these wonderful pics, but my card reader isn't working so we'll have to see what we can find in the thriving metropolis we are in.

To our hotel and now time to relax - more tomorrow.

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