Friday, September 23, 2005

Questions anyone

Okay, the story goes that our oldest son and Jody kind of dated when he was a Senior in high school. She was about 16 at the time. Anyway, she became pregnant and there was another guy in the picture. She was kind of a wild child. She married the other guy she was dating who was in the military at the time (I think). Guess he was abusive and I’m not sure how long the marriage lasted. She divorced him and moved back home. She had settled down a lot and decided to get her life together. Her mom has been very supportive of her and seems to be a really nice person.

She met some older guy and they ended up married. She then had another daughter – who turns one on Sunday. She told me that when her second child was born the dad showed absolutely no emotion and between his not caring and his mother being involved way too much in their marriage, she couldn’t deal with that anymore. So she asked him for a divorce. They have been divorced since shortly after their daughter was born. In the meantime our son and she found each other somehow on the internet. He had known that his older child may be his, hadn’t told us, but our oldest daughter knew.

They started talking and she went up to visit him. While she was driving to see him and get to know each other again she fell asleep and rolled her car. Our son drove to the hospital - four hours away and spent three days with her while she was almost dying in the hospital. She went home with him and spent a week with him and they decided that they wanted to give this a try.

I guess they did the DNA test and Bethanie is his daughter so they have told her the story – she will be 8 in January. She is very precocious, a real sweetheart. She isn’t sure how she likes having brothers.

For our son this has been a good thing, just hope that it will all be good in the end.

We are excited about this new found grandchild and are looking forward to getting to know her.


TLC said...

Great love story! You are a great mother/grandmother to embrace all this and take it for what it is. Clint and I marvel at how you have been with your grown children and how you have opened up your home to them while they get on their feet. We admire your children for respecting that and doing their share to make it work for you all. We hope for this situation if the time ever comes. May your home be filled with boundless laughter and love! Also, thanks for your kind comment on my blog. We had a great time with Grandma and wish we could count on her coming out again. We hope to see you all next summer - it will be a blast!

dacheese said...

Though she may not like having the brothers she is so excited to have us as family and really excited about Madison! She told me she cant wait to have a girl cousin!!!

Pen-nut said...

You are an awesome mother/grandmother and this new granddaughter is lucky to have you as her grandma. What fun to have grandchildren!!!