Sunday, June 04, 2006

The Edge

Saturday before we picked up G'Gma C at the airport we picked up Rhayn and took her to see "Over the Hedge" She wasn't sure which movie she wanted to see then she decided that it would be "The Edge".

We bought tickets then went to Rubio's and had fish tacos. Rhayn wanted chips, she said when we got to the movie we would need to get popcorn, then some candy in a small box. We took our sodas from Rubio's into the theater and bought popcorn and Reeses Pieces. When they showed previews there was a scary one about a house that is alive. She said that it was too scary for her and we decided it was too scary for us also. After the movie we had almost two hours before we needed to pick up G'Gma C.

She told us to go to Target and get something for her mom. When we started to park she wanted to park by the flowers, which was almost as far away from the store as you could possibly get. We decided to get a picture of her by the flowers. She went over and posed for us. One pic was a "lip smile" and one was a "teeth smile" according to this big girl. The only thing she wanted to look at were the toys. We did buy a few things, but we didn't let her pick out more than one thing for herself.

At the airport Grandpa spoiled her and bought her some chocolate milk from Starbucks. It was a fun day and we enjoyed spending time with her by ourselves without all the other family members around.


leaner said...

She has been talking NONstop about her great day with the grandparents. I know she needed something like that.

tif-do said...

What a fun movie, Kynzie and I went and watched it tonight. Just her, me and some shared popcorn.