Saturday, September 30, 2006

abeNanna Split

Our disclaimer is that the title of this blog is the name of our newest geocache. What more appropriate title than a banana split???

Now this is one way to prove just just how our "addiction" is advancing. Today abe and I went out into the desert and put out three new geocaches. We started by planning on putting out one by this really cool rock that the Priesthood used to have activities by. Then we found another neat place and put a micro cache. After that we stopped and put our last cache out. When we got home, between conference and lunch, we logged them all in and are awaiting final approval from geocaching to see if they will be activated. Oh, and I forgot to mention the puzzle cache that we put out just specially for those Taco's who live right outside of town. The fun part of this is waiting for the caches to appear on the geocaching website. Then you just sit back and see who gets there first.

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Alex's Human said...

Too bad I'm too far away to join in the hunt..

lvh said...

Okay - you don't do a blog about celeberating 30 years of marriage and then title the next one abenanna split - makes it sound like the marriage is over. You guys are too crazy about geo-caching. I can't get J even the least bit interested and it is not fun to go by myself so I'm anxiously awaiting coming down to AZ in January for a couple of weeks so you guys can get me out geocaching at least one Saturday. have fun....