Thursday, September 07, 2006

Out with some fun guys or is that fungi?

Thanks hairball for inviting us to the mountains for your celebration. It was cool and wet and we had a really good time. The rain has done some wonderful things to our forests between the wildflowers and the grass there are things growing everywhere.

We took Chester Copperpot with us for a little geocaching and hiking. Along the way we managed to take a few pictures of the "plethora" of mushrooms/ toadstools in the undergrowth.

We even managed to find one of the mysterious red dotted fungi from years past. In the same general area - and also on the reservation - maybe they are only found there???

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Alex's Human said...

Great pics of the fungi!! I can't say I've ever seen another one of those red dotted ones except for that one, long ago camping trip..

Looks like you guys had fun. Send some of that rain back up here, will ya?