Monday, January 15, 2007

Cold and wet

So when you read the title of this, you would assume that it is raining in sunny Arizona. Not so, it has been extremely cold the past two nights - in the low 20s. Some of our plants outside have frozen and there was frost on anything with a wee bit of moisture on it.

Today, abe and I went on a geocaching adventure (surprise! surprise) afterwards we decided to go see a movie and enjoy our day off. While we were in the movie we both received a phone call - of course our phones were turned off to keep from disturbing others around us. Both calls were from home, both from Jesse, telling us that a water line had broken outside the house. On Sunday when I got up ready to take a nice warm shower I realized that the water was frozen. This happens at least once every winter. This morning when it was frozen again we didn't think anything of it. As it was still frozen when we left there was no problem, as the day progressed the line began to thaw and that was all it took.

So here we sit, JVA and abe worked on the line, but there is still some problem. So, if we want a shower tonight it will be across the street at the kids house.

Life is such an adventure!!


dacheese said...

That stinks!! I have a big bath tub just for you momm!!!

Amie said...

Yikes, does not sound like fun. A friend of mine told me about geocaching last year, and I went on a site and signed up (cuz I love "The Amazing Race" and this seemed pretty close! =) but I found it looked pretty impossible without a GPS. Is that the case? Sure sounds like you guys have a ball with it!

abeNanna said...

At least abe with the help of JVA was able to fix the hot water. Such a better way to start the day tomorrow!