Tuesday, January 09, 2007

More on the 1st day of the Year

We went with SLA and JVA into the desert. We also took our friends the Carpenter's with us. After climbing to the top of a couple of hills finding geocaches, we went back to the main road and built a fire. G'rat was going to meet us there and bring the food. We had sliced potatoes and onions and he made hamburger patties. We put all of that together and made foil dinners. While we were busy cooking, SLA got a chance to try out her new camo shotgun that Santa had brought her for Christmas.

We also made some dutch oven Peach Cobbler, forgetting that SLA doesn't really like Peaches. But she ate some anyway. Sadly, Katie wasn't feeling well, so G'rat just brought the two kids out and wanted to get back home after a short visit. We did manage to take them to one geocache that was close by so the kids could find it.

After we cleaned up everything, we continued into the desert on some more geocaching adventures and the rest of the group went home. We finally got to try out our new truck and add a little more Arizona pinstriping to the paint. One more hike up a hill and a few more nice flat walks were part of our adventure.

For the first time in ever we actually remembered all of the food and all of the other essentials for our meal, along with enough water, chairs, a table, to make it a nice day. We normally forget something, so this was a good way to start the year.

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