Friday, January 26, 2007

One expensive bike

So we have finally done it. We purchased an exercise bike. Yes, we have had one in the past. We have actually purchased many different pieces of exercise equipment that have become great clothing racks. Those wonderful things that they advertise on TV that look so easy, but when you get it and actually try to use it, you realize that the people demonstrating them are in amazingly good shape. You (or me) on the other hand are probably not. The only piece of equipment that we have seen advertised on TV that actually worked was the Total Gym. It is easy to use and even fairly easy to put up and take down (guess you know we bought one of these too)

Anyway, thanks to leaner's family we realized that we really liked using recumbent bikes. The kind that sits really low and you peddle forward on. Now understand that this is not something that will ever leave our bedroom. It doesn't have a wheel, and it keeps track of your heart rate, calories burned, etc. It also has programs built in that make it simulate riding up a hill then down, then back up. The best part is that it makes no noise.

We may be a little crazy, but if we are going to continue to climb up all these mountains in Arizona and keep up with these youngsters in the family, we need to do something. If you ever want to check out our expensive new toy, just drop on by.


tif-do said...

Our January purchase, (something that we don't use after March) was a treadmill. It's a very nice one. But unfortunately there it sits gathering dust although occasionally I use it as a cup holder because it's right by my bed. Anyway I hope that you use your bike til the wheels fall off.

tif-do said...

Forgot to mention this was a last January purchase. This January we purchased a chair and ottomon, I guarantee it will get more use then the treadmill.

Amie said...

lol, Tiff!

Good luck with the bike. Our neighbor gave us a superty awesome treadmill for fuh-ree in November (because it didn't 'match' her new bedroom set!!) and I've used it a grand total of ONCE! UGH! Maybe if we all promise to make Mon/Wed/Fri our blogger's exercise night, we'd be accountable to each other or something? What do you think, girls?

dacheese said...

It is so Great and Quite. I love it and I want it. If it is gone in the middle of the night it was the druggies next door not me;-)