Tuesday, January 09, 2007

More desert fun

This weekend we went to baby Max's blessing. We got to Safford in time to eat lunch at our favorite place - the Casa Manana. Then we found a few geocaches while we waited for the Taylors to get ready to go for a drive. We drove East of Safford to the area known as the Gila Box. None of us had ever been there before and other than the geocaches that were along the way, there were a lot of neat things to see.

We got this wonderful ice cream cone antenna "ball" at our 600th geocache. Abe had been complaining about having a vehicle that is too hard to find in a parking lot and that we needed something to help us find it. So when we found this bright pink ice cream cone, we knew it was the ideal thing.

Sunday morning we went to church for the blessing and then over to the T's for lunch. We crowned the oldest of the Taylor children as the King of Guacamole and then after taste testing it and the salsa, some of us weren't extremely hungry. The family photographer showed off his new $10 camera. Don't know if it takes great pics, but it is small.

It was sad that leaner wasn't able to go with us, due to her illness. We did have a nice time, but it was cold and their house is pretty small for the crowd that was there.


hairball said...

I am still waiting for the response of " No Thankyou" Do you answer "your welcome?"

leaner said...

Geesh, see and all I did was sit on my couch feeling like DEATH when I could have been having the best weekend ever? I am so jealous!