Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Speaking of Birthdays

Here are some of the people who have birthdays in January in our family.

The first was on the first, then there was a young man whose birthday was on the third.

Next we have two birthdays in one week - the 11th and the 12th for two really old people.

Then there is a special girl born on the 21st of the month, an easy day to remember as her dads birthday is the exact opposite (12).
Happy birthday to these five special people!!!

Okay, so there is an extra picture. Just wanted to show how cute this guy was as a little boy, back before he ran out of energy.


purplelurple said...

That is funny we will have to remember that he expended all of his energy when he was younger before we take him on any more long hikes. :)

hairball said...

I looked stoned in that pic! my eyes are all droopy!

leaner said...

So many cuties in our family, huh? What fun. Remind me that January is another of the months I DO NOT want to have a baby in! LOL

Amie said...

My goodness you guys have a lot of January birthdays! December and January must be expensive months! I was talking to my folks about you and your blog; we both have fond memories of our trip to S. Dakota visiting your farm and playing with the pigs! (me with the pigs, not her)