Sunday, January 21, 2007

The rest of the story...

For months (literally) we have been trying to solve a puzzle cache in Casa Grande. This team took another teams idea and then modified it a little. Anyway, we have driven to CG on at least three different occasions with the 4wheelTaco's to find this elusive cache. Once we were in a paking lot of a bowling alley and it would have been a perfect place for a cache, but after looking for 30 minutes we gave up. Another time we drove into a part of town where you wouldn't want to be after dark. The third time Ms. Taco knew she must have the solution, so we drove to the end of field and searched around there for quite awhile. Anyway, we had decided to ignore this for awhile, maybe it would disappear or it would solve itself. As I was emailing another team about one of our caches, we asked them if our newest solution was accurate. They then told me we were off on one number. With a little nudge we found our error and then called the Taco's to find out what they were doing Friday night. Ms. Taco told me that they were finding a geocache and going out to eat.

The best laid plans of mice and men. We left Cooltown around 5 PM and headed for the perfect location for a cache. A few minutes later, abe had a little box in his hand. We opened it feeling quite proud of ourselves. But alas, this wasn't the cache, just a well placed decoy. It did tell us we were close. So we continued looking. One more little box later, and one more decoy. It was cold, it was rainy. Mr. Taco told us he was hungry. So we decided to go get something to eat and then regroup. After dinner we went back and tried one more time. Not finding anything new we ended up driving home empty handed.

On Saturday we had a B'day party for Beth in CG. After eating Pizza and breadsticks and fried zuchinni, watching the kids (big and little) play games - leaner was quite good at skee ball. We gathered up the Tomb Raiders and Fowl Powell's to try one more assault on the cache. Our method was for them to find the ones that we had already found to see if there was one more clue. I grabbed the little box to see if we had missed something the first time. And sure enough, there was somthing we had failed to notice. Signing our names on that log was quite an accomplishment.


leaner said...

I wish I could get Will interested in finding caches! I think its fun, and he likes the desert ones, when we all go together. But well, he isn't intereseted in doing it with just me. (Pout pout!)
(HAHA! The word verification says CHS DUCKE!!!)

Alex's Human said...

Ok, cache master.. You need to get yourself up this way so you can instruct me on how to solve these types of caches.. I've been keeping to the fairly simple ones, but these look like fun..